Load & Roll

Load & Roll was created by James Hampson. The game itself is a spin-off from one of the creator's other games 'The Secret Order' when he was blind testing his Secret Order game he found it was very complex and required a lot of chess-like strategies. The game in the right hands would be a great way for beginners to get into these games, but he wanted something quick, something simple and something his children could play. 

Armed with the idea behind the game he started getting to work. He wanted a game of consequences, that will get the adrenaline flowing, but nothing too dangerous.  Thinking of Russian Roulette, the game began to take the mold. 7 simple cards, 3 lives, and each life acting like a bullet. Now he could introduce the consequences factor and a little bit of luck. 

He designed and manufactured the game for testing. Blind testing showed real promise and children love this game, it's a cheeky way to get their own back on parents!

The Games Changer

After James had completed his game he launched it on Kickstarter, not really knowing how to market or develop the idea. He had several backers and it looked as though it was going somewhere. Unfortunately the game never reached its goal and the dream ended. Two years later, the world went into lockdown. He remembered he had the game and he played for hours with his family. His wife told him to do something with the game, it is good, simple and terrifying. So he started again. this time, before launching he would give away the print & play for free.

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