How to Manual

The Basics

How To Win

Last Player Standing

You will eat some bullets! 

Strategy is required

Just like the old fable of Russian Roulette, the way to win this game is to be the last person standing!

Basically......DONT DIE

But don't worry, here you get 3 lives

We call them 'Bullets'

Killing off Others

Comes At A Price

You may end up shooting yourself

Hope you have a strong stomach

What makes this game so hypnotic, is the fact that lady luck can dig her claws in and may just grant you the perfect game


But you will most likely end up eating a bullet or two to win...  Can you handle it?

The Set-Up

The 'Bullets'

Three Bullets, these are your lives

Anything you want them to be

Get creative, Be evil

See some of our own favorite recipes here

Before you begin playing, players need to have three bullets in front of them, these will act as your lives when you need to take a shot, you will be ingesting these bullets... 

If you shoot another player, well they get to eat their bullets, so life evens itself out,  now, how nasty do you want to be?

The Play

1v1 or Group Domination

Make it hilarious, or just vengeful

It takes a little strategy

The game is designed for 2-6 players per deck. The more players the more fun, but eventually it comes down to 1v1 in every game. This is when the sweating begins. 

Each player needs to make a hand of 4 cards, when they do they get the chance to shoot the other player, or cry in their hands because they shot themselves. 

Somethings you should know

In Blind testing people teamed up

Children make the most evilest of chefs

Rules can change to fit your purpose of play

Adults tend to make this a drinking game of the ages.

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